Don’t miss it in Porto

Stiu ca nu ne-am mai vazut de aproximativ o luna si imi pare sincer rau, dar pur si simplu nu am putut sa fiu aici…important este ca acum sunt gata sa va “ofer pe tava” o noua postare despre ultima mea vacanta in Porto. Am fost acum o luna in Porto, dar credeti-ma ca amintirile sunt atat de noi, ca si cum astazi m-am intors de acolo si as vrea sa va povestesc tot si sa va pot face sa calatoriti in Portugalia prin postarea mea.

I know that we haven’t seen for about a month and I am really sorry, but I couldn’t be here…the most important thing now is that I am here to give you a new post about my last trip in Porto. I went to Porto a month ago, but trust me that the memories are so new, is like I came today from there and I want to tell you everything and I want to make you “to travel” through my post in Portugal.


1) Azulejos

De cand am plecat de acasa stiam ca vreau sa fac poza la toti peretii din Porto. Azulejos reprezinta piatra in care sunt imbracati atat peretii exteriori cat si cei interiori din toate casele din Portugalia. Sunt atat de multe modele , toate sunt diferite, dar in majoritatea predomina albastrul. Fiecare perete este special in felul lui, aveam impresia ca fiecare este dedicat unei persoane diferite, unui tip de caracter diferit. Dar primul lucru pe care il faceam inainte sa le analizez era sa imi fac o poza.

1) Azulejos

Since I went from my home I knew I wanted to photo all the walls from Porto. Azulejos  is a painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework, found on the interior and exterior on almost every wall in Portugal. There are so many models, they are all very different, but most of them are painted in blue. Each wall is special in his own way, I thought that each painting was for a different person, for a different character. But the first thing I was doing before looking carefully at the wall, was a picture.



2) Oceanul

Porto are iesire la ocean si am stiut,de cand am aflat ca voi pleca in Porto ca voi merge la ocean  si indiferent de vremea care va fi afara , eu voi intra cu picioarele in ocean si exact asa a fost. Nu m-a interesat ca erau aproximativ 8 grade si batea vantul, eu am intrat  in ocean si am fost cel mai fericit copil. Intotdeauna mi-am dorit sa vad oceanul, de acasa pare foarte special si chiar daca pentru unii este o simpla apa, o mare, pentru mine a fost minunat. Briza oceanului nu e la fel cu cea a marii, te linisteste intr-un fel. Stiu ca pare ciudat tot ce spun eu aici, dar pentru mine asa a fost.

2) The Ocean

Porto is a city where you can go and see the Atlantic ocean and I knew since I found out that I was going to the ocean that no matter what the weather will be I will walk with my empty feet in the ocean. I didn’t care about the 8 grades or about the wind, I went with my feet in the ocean and I was the happiest child. I always wanted to see the ocean, from home looks very special and even for some people is just a simple water, a sea, for me was great. The ocean breeze is not the same one as the sea breeze, it makes you calm somehow. I know that it is very odd what I am saying here, but this is how I felt.







3) Cladirile

Porto este genul de oras in care ai putea turna un film vechi si ai avea parte de decorul perfect. Cladirile vechi din acest oras sunt speciale, este un oras mare in care nu te sufoci, totul are un aer vechi, dar foarte placut. Sfat: Nu rata gara Sao Bento!!!

3) The buildings

Porto is that type of a city where you could make a movie and you would had the perfect sets. The old buildings from this town are very special, it is a big city where you can’t get choke, everything has a very old air, but very pleasant. Tip: Don’t miss the Sao Bento train station!!!




4) Hand-made

In Porto, in special in Volongo (un oras la 15 km departare) se pune foarte mult accent pe traditional si pe conservarea lui. Inca exista fabrica de jucarii din lemn si din metal scoase ulterior la vanzare. Sunt absolut superbe, genul acela de jucarii vechi pe care le gasesti in podul bunicii, exact asa erau si jucariile create in Volongo.

4) Hand-made

In Porto, especially in Volongo (a city at 15 km away) they put a lot of accent on tradition and on having it for the next generations. They still have factories where they make toys from wood and metal and after they are ready, they are sold. They are absolutely gorgeous, that type of old toy you can find in your grandma’s attic, those toys are exactly the same.


5) Mancarea

Portugalia este stiuta pentru peste, o poveste care mie nu imi face asa multa placere. In schimb, traditionalele “Pastel de nata” sunt absolut delicioase, niste prajiturele cu vanilie si foietaj care pur si simplu ti se topesc in gura..mmm.

Sigur va aduceti aminte ce placere ai vara cand culegi cirese direct din copac si incepi sa le mananci. Exact aceeasi senzatie am avut-o si eu cand am mancat portocale direct din copac. Sunt peste tot, la orice colt de strada gasesti cate un portocal. Sunt atat de bune si ai o satisfactie enorma cand stii ca tu ai cules acel fruct.

5) The food

Portugal is known for the fish, a story that I don’t like to remember. But , the traditional “Pastel de nata” are absolutely fantastic, some pastry with vanilla that just melt in your mouth…mmm.

I can bet that you remember that great felling when you pick up cherries from the tree and you start eating them. Exactly the same felling I had when I ate oranges from a tree. They are everywhere, at every street corner you can find an orange tree. They are so good and you have such an enjoyment when you know that you picked that fruit.


6) Amintiri

Stiu ca acest subiect nu are absolut nicio legatura cu Porto sau cu ce reprezinta acest oras. Dar as vrea sa va spun ca am realizat faptul ca unele dintre cele mai frumoase amintiri ni le facem cand calatorim, cu asta ramanem in viata, nu cu un lucru material. Nu conteaza distanta la care mergi departe de casa, conteaza ce faci si cu cine, deoarece amintirile sunt create de locuri, dar fara oameni, acele amintiri in acele locuri nu ar exista. Incearca pe cat posibil sa calatoresti cat mai mult, sa descoperi, dar incearca sa nu o faci niciodata singur. Pentru mine Porto reprezinta amintiri frumoase, in locuri superbe cu oameni speciali.

6) Memories

I know that this subject has nothing to do with Porto or what this city represents. But I want to tell you that I realized the thing that some of the most beautiful memories we make when we travel, this is what we have in life, not a material thing. It doesn’t matter how far you go from home, it matters who you are going and what you do because memories are created by places, but without people there are no memories. Try as much as you to travel, to discover, but don’t do it alone. For me Porto represents beautiful memories, in amazing places with special people.



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